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Full & Partial Event PlannIng

Primary Event Services


Let the floral arrangements be the silent yet expressive narrators of your love story. Our bespoke floral services are crafted to encapsulate the essence of your bond. From the whisper of petals at your aisle to the grandeur of centerpieces that speak volumes, our floristry will weave the thread of your theme into every bloom.

Wedding dresses

Your wedding dress is not just a garment; it’s the embodiment of a dream. We collaborate with renowned designers to offer you a collection that ranges from timeless classics to contemporary chic. Every stitch narrates the tale of sophistication, while every fabric is chosen to flatter and celebrate you.

Photography & video

Capture the moments that will become your timeless memories with our Photography & Video services. Our skilled photographers and videographers are artists at chronicling your love through their lenses, ensuring every laughter, tear, and tender look is immortalized. 



Throughout the Fuerteventura wedding planning process, I always ensure that bride and grooms are provided with recommended accommodation options for them to choose from and to pass on to guests when they are completing their wedding invitations.

This includes Fuerteventura hotels, private villas and apartments and recommendations are given to couples based on what I feel is most suited to the Fuerteventura wedding venue or area that you will be having your Fuerteventura wedding.

I work alongside a private Fuerteventura villa company that offer a fabulous selection of villas that are based in different touristic areas of the island. This Fuerteventura based company can also provide accommodation for different group sizes and vary in prices.

Wedding dresses

In Fuerteventura wedding planner we get for you the bridal dress of your dreams, either one of the models that are already available or the elaboration of your noevia costume completely, we work with the most famous ateliers of the island that will be happy to help you fulfill your dreams reality.


The flowers for your wedding in Fuerteventura can be fully organized to suit your style, theme and, above all, wedding budget.

For many brides, this is a very personalized aspect of the Fuerteventura wedding planning process and it all depends on the amount of floral decoration you want to have and the level of detail involved. Flowers tend to be a quote base and can vary a lot in price.

We work with florist AZAHAR who have years of experience in weddings and events throughout Spain. The quality of the fresh flowers they offer is unbeatable and the work they have done for many years in the wedding industry are unparalleled. Naturally, being an island, we are limited by the flowers that AZAHAR can offer, in particular, it decides to import its flowers from abroad (Holland).

This means that the choice may be limited and seasonal, but the standard is excellent, even if it is a bit more expensive. I always encourage my girlfriends to see the previous work done by this company through their website to generate ideas and, in addition, with modern technology, pinterest is always an excellent way to get inspiration for a wedding in Fuerteventura.

Hair & Beauty

A bride should always look and feel a million dollars on her wedding day in Lanzarote. It is a bride’s day to shine like a beautiful diamond, therefore, it is absolutely essential that there are experienced professionals to create the look that each bride intends to achieve. Hair and beauty are two very important wedding services that we like to always book in the diary before time, since I work with the best stylists and make-up artists that I think are the most suitable for weddings in Fuerteventura.

We work with the GLAMOR center in Fuerteventura for many years and specializes in wedding hairstyles. Always in demand due to its creative and elegant style with the style of the wedding, with more than 20 years of experience as a center of professional aesthetics and can create the most amazing wedding styles, we always like to recommend that you have a very good idea of look they want for their wedding in Fuerteventura and I also kindly ask them that the photos and the examples that are shown look like that and can be recreated completely for you.

This is unique for you. A test is always essential before your wedding in Fuerteventura, mainly for a bride to feel comfortable, happy and calm before her big day. You also have the opportunity to meet the center and ask any questions you may have.

Photography & Vídeo

Memories are created through images and wedding photography is one of the most important decisions a couple can make during the wedding planning process in Fuerteventura. Your wedding in Fuerteventura will always be remembered in your heart and in your soul for the rest of your life, however, it is always good to revisit your wedding in the next years and look at those photos with tears and happy emotions. That’s why choosing the right professional wedding photographer to capture those moments is vital, as you’ll want to appreciate those images and keep them close to your heart forever.

Each couple prefers different styles of wedding photography and that is why I always recommend meeting their chosen photographer or showing a good example of their work. I recommend mainly a photographer based in Fuerteventura who has lived on the island for many years and has more than 15 years of experience as a wedding photographer on the island. The experience is key, as well as a great knowledge of the island, the position of the sun and the hours of the day in which it is preferred to shoot to capture those dream wedding photos.


The day of your wedding in Fuerteventura is to celebrate love and to toast your bright future as husband and wife. At Fuerteventura weddings it is about creating the best relaxed atmosphere during the day as the sun sets and the rhythm during the reception at night so you can enjoy the best wedding experience in Fuerteventura.

From vocalists to acoustic duos, saxophonists, bands and dance shows, there is nothing that can not be fixed. The choice is endless and I am delighted to be able to share with you a selection of the best wedding entertainers and musicians of Fuerteventura.


Travel in style to your wedding venue in Fuerteventura with a selection of transportation available for you to choose from. Whether that is a luxury private car or a vintage style wedding, this can be arranged and much more. You may want to get to your wedding in Fuerteventura in a private boat, a camel or have something a little peculiar and unique that will add to that personalized wedding experience in Fuerteventura.

Wedding Cakes

From traditional wedding cakes to wedding cake trends, all this and more is available for your wedding in Fuerteventura. I work with a selection of professional bakery specialists who can offer a wide selection of cake designs to choose from, all to suit the style and theme of your wedding in Fuerteventura.


In Fuerteventura wedding planner we works with the most prestigious companies of the island with many years of experience with which we can cover all the catering needs of your wedding, the different menu options of both local and international cuisine.


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